About Mike Porfirio

Mike PorfirioMike was born and raised in Bridgeview in a working-class family and Union household. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy Annapolis, Maryland in 2004 and served over 6 years on Active Duty. During that time, he deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on secure patrols of the Iraqi Oil Terminals and responded to the Pakistani earthquake relief efforts.

Later he deployed with US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort on a humanitarian mission to Central and South America. He served as a Naval Science Instructor and Company Officer at Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana. While there he earned a Master of Arts in Political Science and would later earn an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he first met his future wife.



After leaving Active Duty, Mike returned to his hometown and became involved in local government and politics. He began working for the Village of Bridgeview part-time and later full-time in a variety of roles including Deputy Clerk, property manager, and administrative aide.

Mike was appointed to be the Cook County representative of the Justice-Willow Springs Water Commission in 2011 and was elected to the Bedford Park District in 2013. Shortly after taking office he was recalled to Active Duty to serve as the Senior US Military Advisor to the Afghan National Police – Intelligence as part of a NATO Training Mission Afghanistan team. He was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Upon his return, Mike was the Public Works Director in Bridgeview and served as the part-time Village Administrator in the Village of Summit. He was elected as a Township of Lyons Trustee and also served as the Township Clerk. He continues to serve in the US Navy Reserve and holds the rank of Commander and has commanded multiple units during his career.

Mike has been a resident of the 11th District his entire life and his family has roots in the District for over 75 years. He is married to his wife, Alana. They have a daughter, Gabriella and two dogs, Razzle and Sona.

Mike is a true public servant with a reputation as a coalition builder, community organizer, and problem solver. He believes that the people of the 11th District deserve good, effective, and efficient government that will increase access to opportunities, stimulate economic development and growth, and ensure that the working families of the 11th District and throughout Illinois can achieve the American Dream.